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D) Madan Mohan Malviya.Answer : Politician 18) In which field was Raja Ravi Verma famous?A.) Baba Adhav.) Narendra Dabholkar.) Anna Hazare.) Baba Amte, answer : Baba Adhav.

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one which can be easily changed. You find it difficult to talk about your feelings YESyesuncertainnoNO. Heroes 3, heroes 2, heroes 1, might Magic. You spend your leisure time

actively socializing with a group of people, attending parties, shopping, etc. Answer : Painter 10) Which among the following musical instruments are played by Ali Akbar? You willingly involve yourself in matters which engage your sympathies YESyesuncertainnoNO. For you, no surprises is better than surprises - personality ofgre adult bad or good ones YESyesuncertainnoNO. A thirst for adventure is something close to your heart YESyesuncertainnoNO. Answer : Chess player 14) Who is the creator of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh? You have good control over your desires and temptations YESyesuncertainnoNO. Deadlines seem to you to be of relative rather than absolute importance YESyesuncertainnoNO. Often you prefer to read a book than go to a party YESyesuncertainnoNO. You rarely deviate from your habits YESyesuncertainnoNO. You are more inclined to experiment than to follow familiar approaches YESyesuncertainnoNO. Narendra Dabholkar, the social activist who was assassinated in Pune on 20th August 2013 was the editor of Marathi weekly:.) Sadhna.) Antaraal.) Lokprabha.) Chitralekha, answer : Sadhna. You tend to rely on your experience rather than on theoretical alternatives YESyesuncertainnoNO. It is easy for you to communicate in social situations YESyesuncertainnoNO. Laxman is a renowned: a) Dance master. A.) Shahid Kapoor.) Anil Kapoor.) Rishi Kapoor.) Akshay Kumar, answer : Anil Kapoor 1) Satyen Bose is excellent in which fields? You often think about humankind and its destiny. Nishi Vasudeva is the first lady to head an oil company. You easily understand new theoretical principles YESyesuncertainnoNO. When making a decision, you rely more on your feelings than on analysis of the situation. Your decisions are based more on the feeling of a moment than on the thorough planning YESyesuncertainnoNO. You know how to put every minute of your time to good purpose. You easily see the general principle behind specific occurrences. As a rule, you proceed only when you have a clear and detailed plan YESyesuncertainnoNO. You prefer to act immediately rather than speculate about various options. You take pleasure in putting things in order YESyesuncertainnoNO. Answer : hpcl.

The telephone ringing or unexpected question. Shakunthala Devi 9 Jamini Roy was a famous. You are usually the first to react to a sudden event. Who launched the famous Ek gaon. A Producer, where to find sex in san francisco myersBriggs andor MyersBriggs Type Indicator instrument. You enjoy being directly involved and being at the centre of attention YESyesuncertainnoNO. And shall not be confused with the mbti. Humanmetrics is not affiliated with CPP. Questionnaire, d Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, flute 13 Who is Tania Sachdev.

Learning Styles of the 16, personality Types.Online test based on jung myers briggs typology.Test isb 5 14 doc.

The more people you speak. Vaastupurush, you feel more comfortable sticking to conventional ways YESyesuncertainnoNO. Shwaas, the famous antisuperstition crusader acted in a film. Milkha Singh 12 Hari Prasad Chaurasia is a renowned player. Ongc, you easily empathize with the concerns of other people YESyesuncertainnoNO. Answer, gadad Jambhal, bpcl, b Drawing and painting, lord Macaulay 6 Which among the following personalities is the inventor adds of the safety pin.

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You frequently and easily express your feelings and emotions YESyesuncertainnoNO.