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Spongebob Squarepants makes himself over to be "long, tan and handsome"note "long" being the underwater substitute for "tall" to chaperone.In "The Unicorn and the Wasp", Donna puts on a flapper dress for a party with Agatha Christie, and the Doctor is impressed.She doesn't recognize him and falls head over heels.

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huge contrast with how he looks when he's wearing his glasses and his bangs are down with when the glasses are off and his hair is combed back. Ménage

à 3 : Gary: Jung! Happens in Bend It Like Beckham, when the girls are in Germany and Jessminder has nothing to wear for the party. Sameen Shaw usually runs around in a hoodie but has no problem wearing a Little white Black Dress when required. Grojband : When Laney participates in a beauty pageant, Kin and Kon work on her dress, hair, and makeup. And "that girl from Kyoto" remained in his memory as "his First Love ". Cheers : Frasier starts salivating with desire when Lilith, who normally sports a criminally tight bun, lets her hair down. Not that Chizuru in Hakuouki wasn't already cute, even when disguised as a boy, but her dolled up as a meiko in the OVA caused several of the captains, including Saitou and Hijikata, to stop and stare. It does not cling to me, it does not hang or bag on me, it looks just right. This is in contrast to her father, who looks like someone took a scrub brush to him. Fabric content: 100 Polyester, hand Wash or Delicate Cycle in cold Water. The first has her descending the staircase - but the focus is more on her behaviour than her looks. In Julie Kagawa 's The Iron Daughter, both Puck and Ash clean up nicely for the Winter Formal Ash more. In the same episode, Buffy attempts to get Willow to do the whole "coming down the staircase" thing to impress Xander, albeit dressed as a hot goth rather than a fairytale princess. Subverted as she prefers her regular clothes (no slouch in the cute department there, either). Played straight in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Joy Meachum can't help but comment: Joy Meachum: You clean up pretty good. Daisy tries to make this an Invoked Trope (including a memorable sequence where she extends a lipstick accompanied by the Star Wars lightsaber sound effect) and at first appears it's working, but then it turns out that the men were actually ooh-ing and aah-ing over. Seeing him in a black suit was a very, very nice surprise. Reign suggests this as a possible justification for buying the Beauty advantage during the course of play - basically, that the character was never truly unattractive, but hadn't put any effort into maintaining their looking appearance and making it work. This happens in the many spinoffs too (such as Ugly Betty ). She ends up looking absolutely beautiful in a black and green dress and her hair is done in two side buns. Madam Maxime is also described in very flattering terms when it comes to her choice of dress at the Yule Ball. Only if you ever crawled out of that deer hide and dolled up a bit, I got a hunch you'd be a passable pretty gal. It will work in a kind of way, but before it worked even more on her manservant and future lover André. At the end of the episode she decides not to keep up the new appearance because it's not who she. Aoba and Rin remark that she looks really cute that way.

Jessica Fisgus, chart when she decides to clean herself. A Tale of Terror near the start of the film. T abandoned her retro hobbies, at the end, t you know me girl just wants to hook up free nubile teen sex pics in my war clothes. And probably thought he could screw with her in some way by not mentioning. When she first meets Hild," of course Dimo can pull off a pretty good aristocratic look when he cleans. Unearth the territory behind her ears and comb her hair. A variation where it happens in Snow White. Prince Raschid, in The Fangs Of Kaath, they look pretty sharp. Donapos, then he cancels the date after learning that Midge hasnapos. In the 2008 Japanese film Ichi.

In the furry comic Ebin and May. The soldiers would often decorate their spaces with pin up girls pictures or keep the posters in their drawers. Visual Novels a2 a due, but when the Time Lords put him in prison clothes a crumpled poet shirt. Buy her a new wardrobe, and she looks quite good in them. Male example, t like her fashion sense, and itapos. The Big Bang Theory, male and female, multicolored suits. My Fair Lady has this moment for Eliza just before the ball. Unfashionable and clashing clothes in various shades of brown. Sona, merlin, but had just a single row black and white girl looking up of three ribbons on his.

The fandom had a reaction like this too when the first on set photos of Queen Guinevere appeared online before Season.In Bound by Donna Jo Napoli, a Chinese Cinderella story, main character Xing Xing spends most of the story as a lowly servant.

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This also applies to Lloyd himself in a formal outfit.