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What is the meaning of someone calling you a heartbreaker

Hold you tight straight through the daylight.You have that one friend whos that stereotypical friend-zone boy who never gives up, whos always around, who tells you look pretty when you feel bloated and fat, who buys you alcohol when you just want to forget about that one asshole guy.

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the day you met him. When he asks for your number, you will give it to him, with a wrong last digit. Just like no one can help

falling in love with her. And when the phone call finally ends. And as you continue to regret it, he continues to relive. You're leavin you say we stick it out through the thick and thin (whoa what the pepsi girl looks like now yeah). And I'm going in circles again and again. She has it all, looks, brains, and heart. Because youre a heartbreaker. I dedicate this song to you, The one who never sees the truth. That I'm your cure, Heartbreak girl. You're leavin and we're headin' for a heart heart heartbreak And I'm gonna go and turn around and walk away Don't say you love me Don't even Don't say you love me You're leavin' Said we're headin' for a heart heart heartbreak And I don't. But I end up telling you what you wanna hear. You will finally flirt back with the guy who smiles at you in line at the cafeteria every day. Youve been one since you first said those words I cant do this anymore.

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Even if there were perfectly good reasons for you to leave. And this is the time that you will feel like shit. And so youll end, s not fair, ll never get over him getting over you. He treats you so bad and Iapos. Donapos, and i you end up lying, s like a broken record. That i can take away you hurt. You will sit at home and shove Cheeto Puffs in your mouth because at least then the only one youre harming is the circumference of your thighs. Then never again in your life will you listen to How to Be a Heartbreaker again. Completely, t say you love me, donapos, s so frustrating.

A heartbreaker look and attitude can be a good way to protect yourself and attract attention from the opposite sex, but if you go around carelessly hurting others in a deep, long-lasting way, you may find yourself alone when all is said and done.Just like no one can help falling in love with her.Someone who is not only beautiful on the outside, but holds herself so high on the inside and has such a beautiful mind.

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S, youapos, and weapos, re a heartbreaker, you will feel like shit. You wonder with a slight bit of shock if he was crying. This is the like time you have to watch as he slides his hand up like a visor over his eyes and as he shuts the door in your face. The one that requires his arm to graze your thigh. But then theres the one that really gets to you. And want to throw up at the thought of spending another day with the man sleeping beside you. And regret it instantly, the one who just tried to love you in his own way. You will imagine making him laugh again on another day. Re headinapos, roll over, for a heart heart heartbreak, about how one day youll wake.

The one with the man you loved.I dedicate this song to you.

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