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In this town lives the Benson family, which contains Widow Ellen, her 8 year old son Pidge, and Pop, the boys grandfather.More of a psychological thriller than a typical slasher, its an effective spine-chiller that ends with a nail-biting climax.The Strangers (2008 released in 2008 and starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, The Strangers was a worldwide box-office success.

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a 1974 horror, directed by Bob Clark. When a Stranger Calls (1979). The following films all contain instances of home invasion, some more than others. As one of the

most crucial ingredients in these movies is tension, I have tried not to include spoilers but as ever, proceed at your own risk. Sorry, Wrong Number (1948). However, with each and every day spent incarcerated, the more enraged Max becomes. When the tragic young girls butchered body is found, it is not before long that the body count starts rising and panic amongst the sorority ensues. A gritty and hauntingly realistic horror, When a Stranger Calls is a memorable lesbian reminder to all babysitters, to check the children, before a stranger calls. Unknown to Jeff however, is that Hayley has been tracking him down for some time, ever since she suspected him for a paedophile and even murderer. Starring Carol Kane as the terrorised babysitter, the film was a commercial success and is now regarded as a cult favourite.

Horror movie home invaders find sex slave

That leaves Susy Hepburn a recently blinded young woman. An exciting game of cat and mouse horror movie home invaders find sex slave ensues. When the earlier refused comes back to call horror movie home invaders find sex slave again. Alone in the property, haute Tension is an uncompromising and suspenseful film with violence and gore in abundance.

24 Great, home, invasion Horror Movies to Watch When Youre, home.Home - invasion movies are driven by a universal fear: Who hasnt worried about someone breaking.Psychopaths: Sex with Hostages follows two demented, perverse sickos on the run from the police for various crimes of rape, torture and murder.

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At a local café, they become much more sinister and alarming when asking. Whilst he is in an airport. Now we travel to France for another relentless and bloody horror. With his wife Leigh free celebrity fuck videos Lange and teenage daughter Danielle Lewis. Sam Bowden Nolte plays the part of a lawyer. What at first seems to be just a twisted deviant turns into a suspected homicidal maniac. Leona Stevenson Stanwyck is the bedridden daughter of a rich pharmaceutical business owner. With the tranquil town wellguarded by the gallant sheriff Todd Hayden the Benson family see no real cause for alarm when they get a knock at the door from the FBI. The film starts with a man named Sam being handed a doll by a complete stranger. Hard Candy is a savage and remorseless film that is not for the easily disturbed.

Due to his belief that he was double crossed by his representative, Max plots revenge on Sam and his family.With the doll in seemingly high demand, three crooks arrive at Sams home to fetch the reward.

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With the culprits (expertly played by Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam) intent on stealing the previous occupiers secret safe, the unaware mother and daughter enclose themselves in the panic room.