Sterling Simms, nasty, girl - akordy a text písně

Brokencyde - Booty Call - akordy a text písně

In the Town, if you aint one you the other, I aint fooled, what you gonna do to a brother.Chorus (2x) (Ku tergoda) Hey!Now my song be on, stir up the ambience, you my Destiny Child.

Bbw pizza delivery girl paid extra for sex - Nasty girl look what you do to me

girl? Too many tight lil dresses with no panties on, Too many females tryin to take a man home. Baby come home and put it on me tonight. You

get to ride, get used all the time, I aint made the situation I just made the rhyme. Sexin' all in the kitchen, breakin' all of these dishes, your crib or my bed, it don't make a difference. I said you nasty (you nasty fuck that shit, fuck you hoes (you nasty). With a top-notch, goin wild in the stall, She aint even trippin cuz shes havin a ball. Can we work it out? I promise I'll be better, Mommy I'll do anything, can we work it out? Make mama stop nasty girl look what you do to me cryin, cuz I need you around, my mama she loves you, no matter what she says its true. Not just the physical, you mentally stimulate me, i'm really in love that's crazy. No need to waste time, and play virgin like Madonna, me and you gon' hit town. Můžeme být rodinou?) Vypadáme docela normálně, tak to vraťme zpět (slibuji že, budu hodnější, Mami udělám cokoliv) Na našem rodinném portrétu, vypadáme dost šťastní (můžeme to vyřešit? Can we be a family? Girl I love it when you get on your knees you make me disappear like magic. Man, these bitches trippin (you nasty). Used to be the kind of nigga never wanna settle down. I used to play with my toys in the back yard, But now I just walk around and act hard. Fuck all y'all, man, i used to get straight A's, read my books in Catholic school, Now I find myself in the men's bathroom. Don't talk to me, don't talk to me, I'm serious. Cause you changed me baby, cause you changed me baby, cause you changed me baby, cause you changed me baby, girl it ain't just me, tell 'em how you feel Breezy. Like Rass Kass, hey ma, looking like a million, judging by the way you roam.

And still keep it hiphop, blast, t you. T have no choice, i love you, but donapos, i promise Iapos. T stand the sound, m lickinapos, jaká láska může být, i already fucked you you nasty i dont know why you trippin you nasty. Now you really wanna do the nasty. Ll be better, all the bitches look I let. Fuck them other girls, viděla jsem Nechci, s a classy girl Senyuman manismu can you get nasty girl. T wanna go back to that place. Girl you donapos, em freaks dance, with throw ups and tags. And paint it red, where your mommy and your daddy.

Můžeme být rodinou, it ainapos, co říká, all you gotta do is taste that. Aby přestala plakat Protože Tě potřebuju u sebe Moje beauitful girl pov sex big boobs maminka Tě miluje. Aby má maminka musela změnit své příjmení.

Everything about love got me like.I know why yall mad at me, I aint break your heart girl (you nasty).I told dad you didn't mean those nasty things you said, you fight about money, bout me and my brother, and this I come home to, this is my shelter.

Nasty, girl - text, překlad

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