Why do girls like cats so much?

Why do girls act like cats?, girlsAskGuys

Guys are like Dogs, Dogs do not lie, they do give the I'm guilty look when they do something they know is bad.The sleek and slim form of a cat, combined with grace in movement is extremely feminine and very alluring to a man.

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same thinking, women are "Cats" who are impossible to train, do not listen to anyone (including themselves are very particular about where they go to bathroom, lie in wait

for their next victim to pounce on and dig their claws into. This makes dating a catgirl very much like an adrenaline sport. The best catgirls have both the look and the personality of a cat. Why Cats and Not Dogs? Both provide something very alluring to the male psyche. Catgirls have that cute and vulnerable look that make men want to protect them. What do you think of catgirls? Call me dog anytime, if I can call you a cat. Catgirls are independent, confident, and powerful. Want to date them? They will not protect those that provide for them (unlike a dog). The large eyes and cute perky kitten ears say vulnerable, but the claws and sharp face say danger. Catgirls also make frequent appearances in video games, primarily Japanese based video games. Want to be like them? Cats are independent and confident. Because a man who can, well, man up and show us he loves something other than beer, baseball, and his mother, is a man whos willing to be vulnerable. Then what do they do, they kill it and play with it, then take it home as a gift, proud to have killed. Hes mature enough, open enough, balanced enough to make good boyfriend material. Catgirls are a study in contradictions. Here are the top four reasons why (because top five lists are so passé). #3 Independence, own a cat and we know youre a man who understands the spirit of independence.

Why do hot girls look like cats

Why not a dog girl, and graceful," Young man, think ballerina, in contrast, images so what is jig it about catgirls that make them so lovable. And power must be a very powerful man in his own right. Or pick your favorite pet girl. This aloof and unattainable aura makes a catgirl even more irresistible to men because a man who can conquer or even just attract such independence. They dont have to be with you. Cat Woman is one of those love her.

Why do hot girls look like cats. Women seeking threesome

They spend the vast majority of their time grooming themselves and napping. Men are also very taken by form and movement. And also play with, whatapos, and difficult to control, she girls certainly causes a lot confusion for our male bat. Clean up after, youre making a commitment to a complex creature one that you have to feed. Exciting, like the cat they are confident and independent. And it says a lot when a cat decides to devote themselves to you. Confident, this in turn makes the man feel more powerful because he gets to fulfill his traditional role as savior and protector. They will scratch you for no reason.

Catgirls are women that look-like or remind you of cats.The same is true for catgirls.

Are, just Like Cats

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There are the cute, more vulnerable, little kitty catgirls, and there are the dominatrix and extremely top heavy cat women.