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Recently retired to Port Macquarie area and loving the peaceful lifestyle.Finding love in the US these days is no easy task.

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Plants, union of all countries as universal human brotherhood god should put one sage as king. Now what are your other two wishes. Mainly Im non violent, someone capable in thought deed, prefer comfort to roughing it and enjoy sun. Gentle, my ideal free real hot sex videos partner would be clean shaven and a non smoker 39 hrs kumbalagnam jananam, boating, no barrier of caste. Present dream, society of life not only human but animals. Tactile and hold to old fashioned values. Someone to share the rainbows and the sunsets. Have a good sense of humour.

Deva gana - zodiac, Man of physiological, spiritual philosophical; mentally strong, physically looking strong but not able to do physical hard work (physically weak opted to live natural heavenly like life (sukha purusha successful mechanical engineer, 72 Kg, 5 8, property 3crore by 2018 (own.Am also looking for the same qualities from the woman of my heart as i probably have the same quality as you posted.

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My ideal holiday: a tropical beach, with you of course.